It was love at first sight. 
He is big, black, dark and well built 
and just the right size for me.
He's strong, steady and rides smooth.
Must be because he's from Europe.
But he's also temperamental.
It's hard to stop him once I get him going. 
Ive been looking for someone like him for a while. 
I never thought we'd meet like this and it was really unexpected 
Obviously he's not perfect, a little rust here and there, 

lots of marks for sure but that's quite okay, I'm not perfect either.  
We can be imperfect together. 
He makes a soft weeping sound sometimes 
and together with my heavy breathing and the clicks of the peddle, 
we make quite an orchestra.

Please meet 'Jack', my new bicycle.

I have a thing for naming my gadgets. My laptop for example is called 'Lucy' and my Minolta Film Camera is also called 'Jack'. Some people name their hair, I name my gadgets :) 

Do you have any names for things you own?