The Circus Wives: Lovette

This is a self initiated project which I've entitled 'The Circus Wives'. Inspired by popular television programs such as Desperate House Wives, Real House Wives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives etc. (I am in no way implying that those women are clowns and belong in the circus...Or something...Or am I?)
I'm beginning to use different mediums for my work, I've started to work with inks and paints again and experimenting with different types of paper. I love my uni I really do, but sometimes their push to make everything digital kinda sucks the creativity out you. Which is why it's imperative that I draw loads, and you are all subject to my creative outpour! (mwahaha)
Head over to my portfolio for more of my work.

Lovette. I reckon is kinda like a NeNe Leakes.

Huge thank you to Ian - Who was so kind enough to photograph these illustrations for me