The music on my ipod is as diverse as a bag of skittles. When taunted with the question, "What kind of music do you like?" I try to recollect who my favourite musician is, but truth is I don't have one - Not even one that I remotely would like to meet more than any other. Music to me is just that... Music. It isn't my life and the connection I feel to it is very vague (Can you relate?). I thought silence was a beautiful thing and it is, but the sound of life is much more beautiful. There are so many sounds in the world for me to be turned off. The sound of leaves crackling under my feet, contrasting the busy market place and the different accents on the train. I know people that have their earphones plugged in and playing even when you're talking to them! But on the contrary, music is something to be celebrated and it may not be a focal point in my interests but I still appreciate it's presence and I know that music can be used as a tool to change things. In fact so much power has been given to music that its influences can subject people to some form of mind control (scary but true). Think about it, music does not need your permission to get inside ya brain! All it needs is to be played a handful of times in a store, paired with a repetitive or catchy phrase and that's it. (*hums* "Oh na na what's my name... Darn you Rih!"...)
As I said my music playlist is like a bag of skittles and the albums I've chosen to share with you this month is no different. Peep the music below and go grab'em yourself (Most of them are FREE)

  1. Devotion Music Uk. Available (FREE) from their website or Noisetrade. Key tracks include; 'Glorified', 'Takeover', 'My Hero', 
  2. Rosie Thomas. Available from Itunes. Key tracks include; 'Paper Doll', 'Kite song', 'The one I love' and pretty much the whole album. Everything it's all beautiful
  3. Andy Mineo. Available (FREE) from Noisetrade. Key tracks include 'Let there be light', 'Pressure', 'Everyday thing', 'Young'
  4. Frank Sinatra. Available from Itunes Key tracks include 'The way you look tonight', 'I've got you under my skin', 'Come fly with me'