Ruby's Epiphany.

Life is pretty rosy right now, isn't it rosy? - at least the weather in London is! I think I may just have break through with this hair (Ruby) after all *jumps* And might I add that I think my hair is very fabulous as of now. I like it, maybe even love it! After 2 and a half years of fussing and fighting with Ruby dear here, and with the help of the amazing "natural hair community" and my ever so awesome followers here on C+C, I think I may have just figured it out! I've learned that long term protective styles don't work for me as they break my hair, I must keep my hair stretched at all times. Combs don't cut it and it was the coconut oil that had been making my scalp itch all along! I co-wash my hair weekly now and use shampoo once a month (ish) which is when I do a tea rinse and an hour long deep condition after. I moisturise and re-twist every other night when my hair feels a little dry and that's it! That's it for now, as we approach the colder months (boooo) I'm sure Ruby will change up again but that's okay because I'll figure something else out then. I promise I won't rant about my hair anymore on this blog and I will appreciate my God given hair. Sue me if I do! :)

Oh and I blow dried my hair for the first time in 2 years - never again! I wanted to see my hair in it's full length (a little past Armpit Length) but it didn't come out the way I wanted it too, plus it left my hair super dry and it shrunk after 20 minutes. So no mo heat fo Ruby! Me and Ruby are cool now... 

I don't suppose you've encountered any hair + beauty epiphanies have you? (How awesome does it feel!)