The Games Getaway

So I booked a ticket to Holland again (on a whim that is) and uh I'm regretting none of it! This isn't an outfit post, no, because I don't know how to make one. Instead just look! I don't normally dress this loud this is a lie, well maybe I do a litte. My hair decided to shrink 50% of it's length again, but I did nothing. I don't think I care too much anymore. I am super super excited for the Olympics and I'm amazed at how smoothly it's running (superficially) but it's equally nice to get away from the crowds and get where you wanna get without being 55 minutes late. Also completely off topic but I can't blow dry my hair... I picked one up for the first time in 2 years and I was so scared of heat damag that I probably damaged my hair with my indecisiveness. It was teribble - never again! But I haven't trimmed my hair in like 6 months either *iamheadingdownsplitsville*

By the way I'm rooting for whoever is winning in the Olympics (hihi) which I don't know as I haven't been keeping up with the Games :). So let me know whoever wins and I'll pretend I was supporting them all along ha!

Wake me up when it's over