Life, food + musings

You know what, I love nothing more than going out into London and just walking. It's the best thing ever, even though I've spent way beyond my means this month (bad Sherida, bad), it's just that at this time I can't say no - I've met the best people ever in the most unconventional ways, spoken to strangers, met up with strangers, of course they're no longer strangers (don't try this at home though kids!). I've discovered that I love food (calamares and gambas are new favourites of mine) and I love cooking, trying out different foods but I'm not too big on eating it. Obviously I do enjoy eating food but nothing beats trying out new recipes and shopping for new ingredients; peppers, prawns, coriander, raw garlic and feta cheese! Wanna see me happy? Let me make you something! August has been my busiest month by far and rightly so - I didn't expect to be freelancing and catching up on illustration so much but I'm very glad I did. University starts again in a couple of weeks (nooooo) and I'm trying to suck in every sun ray, every bit of freedom I have left. I can't believe summer is over *cries* I love summer, I really do but I guess the fur coat, wellies and umbrellas are officially out for the rest of the year. *cries some more*

I hope your summers were well spent, as for me, I'm counting down to the next summer.