My Evolving Jewellery Style

How gorgeous are these pieces! I think they're perfect for on the go and have little chance of clashing with anything in your closet.

14k Gold Nugget Bracelet. 

Geometric Square Bar Necklace

Pink Earrings Hexagon

Cube With Turquoise Green Ball Ring


I was just about to put these items in my basket when a thought hit me! My most worn jewellery are simple and quirky! Funny how things work out huh? When I was younger I thought I would transition into big, bold and fabulous jewellery, but that's turned out to be quite the opposite. I have 2 pairs of earrings that I wear 99 percent of time. Even though I have tons and tons of other jewellery, I find myself reaching for my favourite accessories with low or no fuss. Funnily enough I never would have even noticed my (now) favourite earrings in a store if they weren't gifted to me. I now opt for long lasting jewellery that pretty much go with anything in my closet. Simple and chic jewellery, no fuss and definitely no hassle.

All images are courtesy of VividByEsther on Etsy source .