Living in a Photoshop generation

Hey creamers!

So a couple of days ago I got an amazing response on one of my blog posts by a lovely reader who left a thought on my mind that really had me thinking. He says:

"I mean our life starts now, making decisions has never been more crucial/exciting!!!" -Francisco

I blogged on the subject of experiencing a quater life crisis (famously coined by this guy here) and not knowing what the future would hold as I turned 20.  I concluded that if you never went through a point where you seriously had to evaluate your life, you effectively wouldn't get anywhere? Very often self criticism may become the push one needs to try something different. Remember when you were a little younger, and your elders used to say something like "You are the future", well that saying has never felt more real. To know that we (those ranging 18-26) are now becoming the ones that will drive change and determine our own standards is a scary thought. Our opinions are so much more important now, what we do and say may be scrutinised if it doesn't fit the standards set my our parents, and our parent's' parents.

It almost feels like the responsibility to "fix" the mistakes (and similarly uphold the successes) left by our predecessors is too grand. What are we going to do about the unequal balance of wealth and the needy? Are we going to be pessimist and "accept" that some people don't have food and water, or are we going to step outside our comfort zone and ensure that we all have a little something? I'm not talking about ending world hunger, but doing something in our own communities, or neighbourhoods (i.e ensuring our streets are clean). No one wants to do the big things because it's all too difficult, but no one wants to do the little things because there's no point - It's doldrums out here! We're so steady trying to make the world a better place, a greener place, and a bright place when that may not be what we need right this minute. We need better homes, better streets and better areas first, before we start to tackle the bigger issues...


What I'm trying to make clear is that we need a different approach, sure lets fix world hunger by retweeting or re-blogging or recycling, but we need more than that I'm afraid. Everyone wants to take pretty pictures of the bald bloated Katie in Uganda and post it on a social networking site to show that the care is indeed there, other than that there is no other way to help little tiny poor Katie. *readsarcasm*(Katie is the name given for a more 'crossover appeal)
NO, I will not "like" your picture of a malnourished African baby to give it a better life, try again please, try again... Also, why on earth is Africa the poster child for all the problems in this world? Leave us alone!

In addition, I think that our generation has turned a blind eye to anything politics related and it is automatically deemed as negative. No one wants to talk about politics or change because of the fear of 'offending' someone, or it being too complicated. My goodness, we're such a sensitive generation! When have complications ever stopped a revolution from speaking truth! Who ever made history by treading on eggshells? These are the Photoshopped times, the sugar-coated generation and as much as I'm tired of it, this blog post means nothing if I don't become part of the change. The thing that stings so bad is that, we've already defined what the problems are, we know nothing is being done to start making progress towards change and we somewhat know the steps to making these changes, but we just don't know where to go. So, the real question is 'What now?' Now what? What now? Now what? What flipping now? WHAT NOW DAMMIT!

I guess we could start by cleaning up our streets.

"There is nothing new about the corruptions of our hearts; our hearts’ pursuits, complaints and desires; they are still the same as before." - Ecclesiastes commentary