Product Review: Bdellium Tools (Brushes)

Haven't done a product review in ages - Let's get stuck in!

For some reason I've become obsessed with make up lately, and all things girly. I attribute this to growth and hormones.  I've been using the same foundation brush for about 2 years and I thought I was well overdue for an upgrade. Not sure how I came across Bdellium brushes but I'm glad I did. They're eco friendly, and kind to the skin and blah dee blah dee blah and all that good stuff. But more importantly, I was just excited about the colour of the brushes! Yellow being my favourite colour, I probably would've bought them even if I wasn't looking for some new brushes. I love yellow. You don't even understand, I LARVE yellow. I also really love the packaging, but then again I'm a sucker for eco-friendly looking packaging anyway...  Also, I wonder what font that is...

#980 Powder: 5/5

Yes ma'am! Definitely my favourite brush out of them all! I use this with my ELF High Definition powder and I love how easy it picks up the powder without leaving a grey cast over my face. Very soft and I love how the bristles bounce back into shape. 

#955 Duet Fiber Finishing: 3/5

I half expected this to work exactly like a stippling brush, but the bristles are a little too soft and not dense enough. What I'm having to do with this brush is I apply my foundation with a flat foundation brush and then use this to buff in the foundation rather than using it as a stand alone brush. Those are one too many steps to apply foundation alone, ain't nobody got time for that... Also, it felt like the brush wasn't touching my skin so was pushing it a lot harder into my skin than what I should have. This may be a good thing for some (light as a feather blah blah), but I didn't like that about this brush. As a result of the lack of density of this brush, I ended up using way more product with this brush than normal. But of course this isn't to say that this is a bad brush, I actually think it's wonderful for what it's worth. It just doesn't work for what I have in mind.

#949 Pointed Foundation: 5/5

Amazing little brush. Great for getting the curves and corners. Not a word of criticism, I love it!

#947 Small Foundation 1/5I was a little dissappointed with this foundation brush. I know it's a small foundation brush, but the handle was super tiny, it felt more like a travel sized foundation brush. The bristles aren't dense enough to be a full face foundation brush, it really works for touching up small areas but ain't nobody got time for that - So I've resorted to using this as a concealer brush - which I love it for! It blends my concealer out beautifully with the rest of my make-up.


I do love Bdellium tools. They're perfect for those of us that want to dabble in make up but don't want to commit to super expensive brushes (I'm looking atchu MAC). We love make up now and again but would like to delve in a little deeper. We are students on a budget, but we want quality. Also we love yellow and nice packaging. So if you're unsure, here are 10 reasons why you won't regret getting Bdellium brushes:

1. They're yellow.
2. They're Eco-friendly
3. Brushes are crazy soft
4. They're yellow
5. Comes in a beautiful linen pouch
6. For this level of quality they're super affordable
7. Quality is comparable to Sigma Brushes.
8. Perfect for people first getting into make up.
9. This particular brush set comes with everything you need for a full look.
10. Did I already mention that these brushes are yellow? 

They also do them in Green! Snap snap snap. I got my set on Amazon for £55!

Where to get Bdellium Tools:

Go on, treat yourself ;)