Overexposed Cats.


"They're the devil", I muttered, "All of them, evil demon advocates". Look at them, so smug and very aware that they're strutting their seductive tales down the catwalk and in your face.
Once in a while I'd proudly proclaim that I was much more of a 'dog-person'. That was until I had one at 15. Yes of course I loved him, but his uncontrollable nature made me realise that perhaps my 15 year old self would much rather have a fish. Paddy, his name was, a big German Sheppard, with paws the size of my face. Unable to distinguish my legs from a bitch, he'd take every opportunity to warm his body up. Eurgh. I did love him, honestly, but when my stepdad said he was going to start taking care of Paddy, I can't say I was particularly unhappy .. Not too much at least. Fast forward to 5 years later and you know what, these little fallen angels have captured my heart and attention like no other.
Cats have a way about them. Their attitudes and sassiness. They're all like "Listen human, I don't really give a hoot about what you've got to say, just feed me and stroke me". In other words, BOW DOWN SNITCHES.

My friend Hugo has a cat. A cat that I want. Probably the most beautiful cat I've ever seen since my conversion from dogs to felines. So, lets analyse this. Cats are fierce. Sherida is fierce. Cats can be lazy. Sherida can be lazy. Cats Like food. Sherida likes food. Cats are beautiful, fabulous and shameless. Sherida will embrace all that fabulousness. See, it's match made in Heaven!

I'd love to adopt a cat. Own one. But then cats like to scratch things and are super temperamental right? and they can be really... Catty. Oo those ungrateful bas- ... Anywho, I love cats, I'm looking to get one. A really tiny one that just never grows or scratches anything. I like cats and its not because of tumblr.

Okay maybe just a little bit.

Please don't come for me NSPCA.