Thanks to Yomi of my new favourite blog, Sitting Witty for being my 100th follower! Her blog is the truff. This entire post was inspired by one of her posts hereAs I've officially reached 100 followers *Pops Champagne Shloer bottle*. As a semi celebration, I thought why not do a 50 things about me! But how very arrogant and self assuming that you would want to know about me, me, me. So I'm turning this around - read the list and post one (or more) thing about you - Me wanna know. Lets get stuck in.

1. Born on a Sunday at exactly 5pm.
2. I used to hate not having a middle name so I made one up when I was 15. I told everyone my middle name was Tichina... I named myself after one of my favourite actresses, Tichina Arnold, otherwise known as Chris Rock's mum on 'Everybody Hates Chris'. They bought it. suckerszzz
3. At 14 I made up a boyfriend and everyone believed me. Still bought it.
4. My Ghanaian name is Akosua-Bemmah, this means I was born on a Sunday.
5. My dad was also born on a Sunday... And so was my ex. Therefore it's imperative that I don't end up with a husband born on this day.
6. I'm scared of heights, but I went on the Oblivion ride in Alton Towers 5 times in one day.
7. Seven is my favourite number.
8. Sometimes I wish my name was Zipporah.
9. I used to put tights on my head when I was younger and pretend it was my hair.
10. The right side of my body is bigger than the left side.

11. I talk to myself
12. I make up jokes in my head and chuckle to myself
13. I lied about having unclear vision to get free glasses when I was 12 and lost the glasses in Asda.
14. I love ironing
15. My favourite colour is yellow.
16. Don't like nicknames, yet I always get given one. Sheri, Sheri-dada, Sherida-didadida, Sheri-pop, Sherps. And my pastor calls me Rida.
17. I used to be really loud... And then I just... Stopped being loud.
18. I think beards are the best.
19. I think beards instantly boost sex appeal
20. I love beards.

21. When I get married, I plan on getting my husband to sign off his beard to me, so I own it and I'll need it in writing.
22. I'm Ghanaian.
23. I think I'm really awkward
24. I'm 5ft.5 and a half
25. I like shoes
26. I used to think black and white people were different species.
27. I looked like Bruce from Matilda as a kid.
28. I don't like parties
29. I had a Jherri Curl as a kid.
30. I'm a Hufflepuff. But you muggles wouldn't understand.

31. I used to play the Saxophone.
32. I've only ever properly fancied one person in my life (Celebrities don't count). But I was so incredibly shy that I never had a conversation with him. But you know, all childish things are in 2004. So Josh, if you're reading this - Come find me boo boo *winks* #noshame 
33. I fell on some train tracks when I was five.
34. I have an older brother I've never met.
35. I've never been in love (I luhh you Jesus, halleluyur)
36. I've been in one fist fight... I was 9 and it was with a boy. I beat him to the pulp
37. I love seafood.
38. My dreams are TV shows and I'm the protagonist... Obviously!
39. I don't like rain. It makes everything soggy and yucky and disgusting and soggy and wet.
40. Some old man tried to buy me when I went to Uganda. MY LOVE IS NOT FOR SALE

41. I didn't know I could tan until last year.
42. I've met President Kufour (Former president of Ghana) I used to think he was my grandfather. I still believe he is.
43. I don't know how to whistle
44. I don't like unnecessary touching
45. I never like babies until I come into contact with one and then my ovaries explode.
46. I don't like chocolate
47. Everyone in a van is a kidnapper until proven otherwise
48. I love carbs! Straight to the thighhhhs
49. I don't like sleeping naked.
50. I think I laugh too much.

And there you have it. I wish I could've ended this with a big bang, like... I dunno, I hike everyday or something. But alas my life is a little less exciting than that. Hope you enjoyed and could relate on some points. Challenge, I want you to write one fact about yourself down beloooow - don't be shy, sharing is caring :)