confessions... and stuff

Can I be honest in here? Is that okay? Okay.
I'm feeling tired, impatient, careless, horny, thirsty, moody and messy.
And in need of something else, someone else, somewhere else other than here.
I don't know what I want/need anymore. I did at one point.
I think I need a hug of some kind, but not that kind though.
I'm at a weird point in my life right now.
And I don't know how to approach it
What do I do with all this...
These feelings and stuff,
where do they go?
Do they slot in somewhere?
I'm okay. Okay.
No, really.
Just typing out loud.
Pastor Al said this would happen
But it mustn't happen, not now that I've come so far.
I'm not sure I care what they all think anymore, 
but that's all lies, we all care about opinions.
Everyone cares, but nobody cares.
By the way,
 I'm reading this book called Zipporah.  
She's the wife of Moses. 
By description, Moses was really hot.
Zipporah's quite the fox herself.
I've always like the name Zipporah. 
It's so Zipporah-ey
I'm feeling:
 and messy.

The end.

Might delete this in the morning... When I return to my "senses". I don't know.