Hola loves! So as you may or very well may not know - since I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog before. I work for MOXHAM! I mainly specialise in the construction of the jewellery and occasional graphics too. I really love it so far. I've met so many people through MOXHAM and I've learned a lot since working here. We recently launched our store in Convent Garden, so here are some photos from the launch party. It was so awesome! It only took a glass of white on an empty stomach to get me hyped and pumped for rest of the night, as evident in lé photos lol! We had Charlie May from Girl A La Mode pop over to Hannah from Kitch and Honey and many more awesome souls. If you're in the area, definitely feel free to drop by the store and check out the jewellery, try them on or just say hello!

53 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials. Covent Garden


I wore an all white ensemble and jewellery made by MOXHAM. As always comfort is key for me so I went for these super comfy chunky heels by

 Zara blazer, plain white skirt I thrifted (for a bloomin' fiver!) and a dress I wore as a top, tucked into the skirt.