|| DE-FIT ||


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Happy Monday! So, I believe everyone has a default outfit. Otherwise known as a De-Fit. A De-Fit can be a dress, shirt, jumper, skirt, hoody or anything you wear when nothing seems right. Enter my mother's sheer blouse. This is my De-Fit. My mum used to wear this blouse all the time when I was younger. Apparently it was my favourite item to regurgitate my stomach contents on as a kid and fast forward to now, I've fully claimed this shirt as my own. In all terms possible. This shirt goes with most of the stuff in my wardrobe and it was hard to pick one counterpart - So I just didn't... I decided to let the shirt do all the talking and pair it with some faux leather shorts and strappy sandals. I got a lot of looks throughout the day though. I realised after I left my house, that it looks like I'm wearing nothing but a shirt and some heels. Ehh, ah well. I had some shades to hide my embarrassment. Anywho, I wanna know, do you have a De-Fit?