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Thank God it's Friday right? Right. I purchased my very first pair of jeggings (for some this is your cue to gag. It's fine I won't hate you...) I actually ordered these jeggings by accident, I genuinely thought they were jeans . I've held such a strict judgement on jeggings for so long that it never actually crossed my mind to purchase a pair or try them on in a shop - so in a way I feel super hypocritical for flaunting these. But guys, I've been kinda converted. I say kinda because I absolutely love these jeggings, but the chances of me buying jeggings again are very very slim. My verdict is... I like them, I really do - they're so comfy although not very forgiving and this is where our love parts. Dear jeggings, it's okay to pull in in places, you know not everything has to be so... flaunty. (So she says wearing jeggings paired with a cropped leather top and heels). But I will keep you because you're good to have. And after a few more jog runs and star jumps, perhaps our love can be fanned to be burn more. Until then my dear, I will refer to you as a 'mergh' or a 'yeah kinda'... I love this look. I have four more camis and crop tops waiting to be paired with this bootylicious arse pair of jeggings. Do you own jeggings or do you disregard them like I did? Join me in the jeggings party this summer.

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