At present, my feelings and emotions are too diverse to conjure up in a single blog post. I wish words could describe my disgust right now. If you're unaware of what has just happened. Nigeria has legalised child "marriage". Slavery at its very finest. Please hear this from my mouth. Any so called "marriage" constructed between a child and an adult is not a marriage. It is slavery. Period. Pedophilia has no realms of justification. These adults that engage or otherwise allow these constructions to happen are sick and demented. The only reasoning that I can think of, as to why these senators have allowed this act to become legal is if these senators are pedophiles themselves and are thus bending rules to suit their immoral and demonic acts (yes I called it demonic). Do not come to me with excuses for this law, none of this has been taken out of context no matter how you look at it. Yes I know child marriages have been going on for centuries, and yes we wonder why little to no action has been taken. But understand this, regardless of the history and how long it has been going on, that should not be an excuse to allow something of this kind to happen and should not be taken lightly.

What I'm trying to convey to you is, with child "marriage" made legal - It gives a bigger platform for child abusers to roam. You do realise what this means right? Please let me explain to you. What this means is that Nigeria will become a playground for pedophiles. If child "marriage" is legal in Nigeria, what do you think it will mean for pedophiles around the world? Nigeria then becomes a place where people go to rape children as they wish, with no consequences. Parents will sell their children off, not only to the adults that live in Nigeria, but also to foreigners whose sole purpose will be to travel to Nigeria to rape and molest children. These foreigners, who will go to Nigeria to rob these children of their lives, but will travel back to their homes, their wives, their children as if nothing has happened. Hey! Maybe these foreign pedophiles will start a "business" and travel back and forth to Nigeria to marry multiple children! All the while their lives will carry on as "normal" in their own countries. But the main reason for this outcry is because of this; There will be no consequences. This immediately stalls any protest. There will be no shame, even for high profiled men in the public eye in impregnating an 11 year old girl, after all it is the law... Didn't you know.

My dearly beloved, as of now pedophilia in Nigeria has become legal.
Human trafficking will reach an all new height. In as little as a decade, chances are that a vast majority of children/teenagers would have suffered at the hands of pedophiles. Go Naija. The Giant of Africa.  

Where are the Feminist? These celebrities that travel around the world and want to do good? Where is the UN? Where are the human rights activists? Where is everybody?  As for my family and I, we are here. My mother and I have talked amongst ourselves and are starting to make changes in Ghana, from there we will move on. And I'm teaching my little sister more about human rights and how she can stay conscious of these kind of things
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