I spent much of my summer in shorts, bikinis, eating grapes and watermelon, drinking baileys and doing absolutely nothing. As mentioned in my previous post, I went to Italy! Oooooo that place is just wonderful. I've fallen in love with the place. Of course I couldn't speak of this majestic place without showing you the evidence! So peep the photos after the break.

Yep, This is how I was dressed on most days, even though I packed heels and all sorts to wear, bare feet and oversized t-shirts did it for me on most days.

,When I was younger, I hated having such a huge family, I thought of it as embarrasing. But now, older and more uhh mature(?) I love the perks of having such a big family - We're spread out all over the place! Such was the case in Italy. No hotels for us, no thanks. We spent our days living with family and really getting to know the inner grits of the country.  We lived right in the mountains! It was a trek to get to and from but the view, the neighbours and fresh food was all worth it.