As the weather changes, so does my skin and subsequently the methods I use to keep it soft and supple during the colder months. I'd like to say my skin regime is fairly simple and straightforward but of course, this can be debated. I've listed some of the stuff I do below to keep skin moisturised and well taken care of. 


I exfoliate every single day, and have done so ever since I was little. (My mum didn't mess about when it came to hygiene and cleanliness!) I use a netted shower puff, foam up the shower gel and USE circular motions to gently scrub my body, focusing specifically on my elbows, knees, armpits and booty (the donk gotta be soft too, man!). Straight out of the shower, I'll pat myself dry but still have a dampness to my skin. I find that moisturising my skin when it's still damp keeps it really soft. Twice a week I use St.Ive's Apricot body scrub in place of my netted body puff.



I've been using the peppermint cooling foot lotion since I was 16 years old! So I can testify, that this product is the business. It smells really amazing and my feet are soft for days! After a shower at night or exfoliating my feet, I'll rub a dime size of the lotion on my feet, put some socks on and head to bed. In the morning take the socks of and voila! Soft and kissable feet... If you're into that kinda thing ;)

Also for extra moisture and suppleness I use this Vitamin E Facial Oil from the Body Shop. It does an amazing job at evening out my skin tone. I apply this every morning and night after my moisturiser.

And that's pretty much it, in terms of skin care. I don't use face masks or gels or anything like that. If I do feel like a face mask, then I make my own, using Bentonite clay and honey. Apart from that, I'd say it was pretty simple(?)  I'm an advocate for doing whatever is best for you! I tried out so many products because I thought my skin was problematic, not knowing that I was actually the one causing the problem. I now know that things like Tea Tree oil or Toners or Masks do nothing for me, so I stay away from them.


So I think it's fair to say that my face has typically been a challenge for me, I'm always paying close attention to my skin and its reactions to certain products and ingredients. I very rarely try new products for my skin because of how sensitive it is. I suffered with Acne for a brief period in my late teens and I couldn't attribute it to anything specific. I was sure I was using the right products, I had a very healthy diet. Plus I had tried out everything from Simple Products (which are the devil!!) to Proactive treatments and even natural things like lemon and sugar scrubs. Fed up of trying so many things, I turned to my mum for help and she told me about Black Soap. She said she'd been using this soap on me since I was very young. She laughed so hard when I told her about all the stuff I'd been doing in a bid to save my skin. And honestly I have to say, ever since telling my mum that my body was mine, and I wanted to take care of it - it'd been nothing but disaster!  So, I decided to forgo all the "promising anti-acne" products, listen to mummy and pursue a more natural skin regime like she suggested. And woah, it's been the best decision ever! 

Although it's not as 'natural' as when I first started out, it's definitely more gentle - I've learned that my skin likes gentle. Harsh cleansers and modern moisturisers do nothing but aggravate my skin. So here's my face regime as follows:

Morning: Every morning in the shower, I'll use my bar of black soap and lather it onto my face and use the pads of my fingers to gentle massage, I'll do this for about a minute or so, then wash off with cooler water. Once a week I'll use my St.Ives facial scrub, this serves as a deep cleanser. I follow up with Pond's moisturiser for dry skin (contains SPF15)

Night: Every night I use my Pond's Cold Cream cleanser, in place of the black soap. I smear about a pea size of the cold cream all over my face and massage it in. Then with a damp hot towel, I'll gently remove the cold cream. This feels sooooooo good and my face is instantly soft too! After this I apply my moisturiser as usual and follow up with Pond's Eye Contour Cream for use around my eyes. 


Because who wants, chapped, flaky and un-kissable lips right? Not listed here, but I use the Bubblegum Lip Scrub by Lush. It goes such a long way, I've had it for a year and a half now and it's still filled to the brim! At night I rub some of the Lush scrub on my lips, lick it off and follow up with my favourite lipbalm. The Eight Hour Balm, by Elizabeth Arden  I literally coat my lips with this stuff, in the morning my lips are suuuuper soft.  

Keyword in my regime :Soft