So yes yes, I'm fully aware that I dress like a grandma sometimes and this is a fact I wholly accept and even embrace. I do, after all, shop in old charity/vintage shops, practically scavenging for old coats and bags (one man's trash is another man's come-up!).Anyways, I never really know what to say in an outfit post when I don't have a crazy story or anything to elaborate upon,

what do people even say?

... So... Tada... Here you go... Have a look at my clothes, shoes, awkward posing and a visible general uncomfortableness of passing people stopping and staring. Probably wondering why a young girl is stood (clearly freezing) in the middle of Greenwich behind an abandoned industry complex. Yeah I dunno either. All for the blog man, all for the blog.



Probably should have talked about how much I love this top and how I've been wearing it every other day...

I love this top and I wear it every other day! :D