Full Size Sherida

I was thinking the other day how much I'm starting to look like my mother - A couple of years back this thought would have offended me greatly, and I would've recoiled at the comment. Oh how things have changed! Before my


semi rebellious teenage years, I looked to my mum with a great adornment for her glasses. I'd for so long wished to have glasses, so much so that I once lied at my very first eye test.  one day before school, my mum had taken me to see the in-store opticians in ASDA. I was about 11 years old. Of course I took the opportunity by the horns because this was my absolute chance to get what I'd always wanted! . The optician ran various test, asking me if I could see the clearly visible type, all to which I replied 'Uh no I really don't know what that says'.


. Needless to say, the optician told my mother that my eyesight needed improvement and glasses might help do that. Thrilled at this revelation, I hurried over to where the kids' glasses were. Giddy with excitement and joy, I picked up the first pair of glasses and set them on my face.


'So Sherida, how do they feel?' The optician asked. 'Great! I can see so much better now!' I lied again.

We left the opticians part of the supermarket and I could not see anything. The world had blurred and I felt my body tilting sideways. My legs were wobbling all over the place, and with two outstretched arms, I tried to balance myself. My mum looked at me as though I'd just swallowed a watermelon whole. It sure did feel like it, my throat was thick and I had to take those devil glasses off. So I did. And can you believe, after all I went through to get the glasses I lost them in the supermarket. Meaning my new glasses hadn't even seen the outside world! I cried a little bit and when my mum insisted on buying me a new pair, I told her the truth. About how I'd lied to get the glasses in the first place and how I couldn't see anything, but wanted to be like her. I'd love to say she embraced me and told me everything would be okay, heck I even thought she'd be flattered at the thought of her daughter wanting to be like her. But she didn't embrace me and she wasn't visibly flattered. Her brows furrowed, she kissed her teeth, slapped me up the back side of my head and turned her heels to occupy herself with something else. Geez. Love you too mum.

My desire for glasses never really went away. At age 21, sat in Specsavers looking at myself  in the mirror, I wondered if I really did need glasses. I looked at the office filled with glasses, imagining myself with awesome Retro Cat Eye ones or a rimless pair. 'I am going to look soooo goooood' I thought. This time however, I didn't lie at my eye test -


! I'd been getting daily migraines for a couple of months and my co-worker had noticed how I was always squinting when reading or working on my computer. She suggested visiting the opticians and memories of my first eye test came flooding in. Fast forward to exactly ten years later (the years are literally flying by), sitting here with glasses on my face, I can't quite make out what to think of this. But in all honesty, I'm loving them! Although, I'm not that thrilled at the prospect of them being entirely permanent. Eeek! 

So hey guys, nice to meet you. I'm

Four Eyes



Yeah so I was never really a rebel.