sherida kuffour
sherida kuffour
sherida kuffour

crop top + trousers.


// shoes.


// necklace.

new look

(?) // coat.vintage(Greenwich Sunday Market)

Hey! Happy Wednesday! SO I've been steadily getting into a routine of blogging every two days, which is working out great! It's so weird because I thought I'd feel really overwhelmed with it in combination with uni and working. But documenting little random things, like my

chicken chip shop

experience or

buying flowers

leaves me feeling satisfied and content!  Also I came here to tell you guys how happy I am... I'm just excited for reasons I can't explain! (

must. not. use. any. more. exclamation. marks

) I've been really contending for God and drawing closer to Him. I lose my mind every time I read my Bible, it's insane... 

Plus I bought a new 50mm lens, my old one was acting up and refusing to focus, so I had so much fun shooting these photos with my new lens because it was easier!

There's new video up later this week! One that I shot with my friend Josh about growing as a designer. So yeah, as always, stay tuned for more stuff!