I'm here in my bed, writing a blog post that has nothing to do with anything. It is currently 17:27, 7th Feb. 2014. I'm bored. I'm not supposed to be though, as I have so many things to complete on my To-Do list. You know when you have so much going on, you just want to cuddle up in bed and sleep? Yeah that's me this instant. Sometime this week, I randomly decided to give myself a break and do nothing. And I've been doing 'nothing' for two days now. I'm refusing to call it procrastination because 'break' sounds so much more professional and grown. I'm rambling now, am I rambling?

I am rambling, aren't I?


Random Life Updates:

  1. Whilst enjoying my carbs laden dinner, I thought of joining the gym, you know, to work things out, at which point I sniggered loudly and continued eating my chicken pasta. Unless it becomes an absolute necessity, I will probably never join the gym.
  2. My mum's moving into a new place and she finally replaced the ugly pale yellow couch we've had for 7 years now.
  3. I spend too much money. I think it's the thought of having something new that excites me, after a while it fades and I want more.
  4. I paid my housemate to clean my dishes today. I think I'm gonna hire her to work for me.
  5. A few days ago, I moaned like a baby to my mum saying I was ugly (PMS), and she put me in my place. She said; Ahof3 Y3 Nto Ne Store (You can't buy beauty in a store)
  6. I.hate.periods. 
  7. I've been trying to gain weight for the past year or so, and I'm finally at a place I like. I think for my body shape and height, I'm better suited on the heavier side like in these photos. So I'm gonna maintain this for now until I change my mind.
  8. I'm not trying to figure life out anymore.
  9. I.have.too.many.shoes
  10. I should get back to work now.