That's it. I'm officially merging into my mother circa 1988, first it was the


, now the drop waist crinkled dress and weird jewellery. People always did say I'd grow up to be like her. I'm in my 'twenties' now (cringe) and from when I was little, I thought I'd be a club-hoppin', skin-tight dress and weave wearing, chest bearing, long nailed sally - All of which have come to pass in some form or another, just not at the same time. This description couldn't be more far from the truth. In reality (or rather in my mind), I'm a 37 year old, tea drinking, bed-loving, book collecting woman from New Jersey trapped in a 21 year old's body in London. I don't know how it happened. Ask my husband.


I have such a weird sense of humour and sometimes my sarcasm doesn't translate at all well in written form.

I digress.


dress.vintage// shoes.


// look// earrings, bracelets.vintage

I snapped this dress up at

Waterlooplein Market

about two years ago in Holland. Back then I was into bulk buying vintage clothes, and I bought a whole bag of vintage clothes for €3, most of it was rubbish

actually all of it

. But in the midst of all the rubble, this dress stuck with me and it's been a favourite of mine ever since. As it's such a versatile piece of clothing I've worn in so many ways. Belted up at the waist, worn as a top and I've worn it as a loose light scarf around my neck. This time though, I just wore it as is. No belt to cinch up the waist, nothing. And since the weather seems to be warming up now, I braved the cold with bare legs and my new favourite shoes. Hope you guys have had a good weekend and here's to even better weather during the coming week (please, please God, let it be sunny).

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