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I'm probably the only one out of all my friends that is always buying stuff but never wearing immediately. I tend to pace myself and save stuff for days when I feel like I want something different. As a result, it has been concluded that I am an obsessed shopaholic *frown*. This is the case with this entire outfit (negating the shoes). I purchased this dress from Mango (Via ASOS) and the blazer from Zara last year, right at the end of summer. [By which time it was far to cold to be wearing a mini dress and floral blazer, so I saved it for this year!] I'm super in love with the texture of the dress and this beautiful aqua blue colour! If this outfit is not a Spring one, then I don't know what is. At this point, I have never felt so ready for warmth and steady sun. Imma need this sun to come out so I can shed off the layers ASAP.

Also, I'm happy. Are you happy? I'm happy.