Hey ladybugs, I know I know, I haven't blogged in ages - I'm sorryyy! My uni workload combined with massive laziness has finally caught up with me and I'm slightly struggling to keep it all together physically and mentally. But that's for another post. So over the past few months/years I've accumulated my fair share of foundations, some I love and some I wish I'd never bought and have never worn out. These opinions and experiences are my own and may not reflect the product intention. Aka what may work for me, might not work for you! There are only three makeup items in this world that I like to spend lots of money on, they are Lipcare products, Eyeliner and Foundations, all of which I collect notoriously. This is going to be a long post, so you might want to get a cuppa and get comfortable! Read more after the break.

For reference:

  • My skin type is: Combination/ Oily (Sensitive)
  • My skin tone is Dark - MAC Matchmaster Shade 8.0
  • My skin undertone: Primarily yellow undertones, with reddish undertones around mouth area.
make up, Yves Saint Laurent, Foundation


Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat

|| £30.00 (Shade B80)

+Finish: Dewy/ Medium coverage

+Best used with: Buffing brush &

ELF HD Translucent Powder

+Consistency: Medium/thick

+Use: Day time/Warmer months

Starting strong with the best foundation on this list, is the Yves Saint Laurent foundation. This product is by far the most gorgeous foundation I have ever used. For me, a tiny bit goes a very long way, so the steep price isn't so bad. The finish is natural and skin looks dewy and smooth. I do always need a powder over this foundation though, as the finish can look a little bit greasy as the day progresses. The Teint Touche Eclat glides gently onto the skin without pulling. Also the shade is dead on, it's basically my skin in a bottle. And not to forget the luxurious glass bottle packaging with a pump (which is always useful!).

+Cons: May become quite greasy over time if no powder is used.


MAC Matchmaster SPF 15

|| £27.00 (Shade 8.0)

+Coverage: Matte/ Heavy coverage

+Best used with: Buffing brush/ Or slightly damp make up sponge

+Consistency: Very thick (Comes with pump)

+Use: Night time/ Winter colder months

I've never owned a foundation as heavy and as matte as this, so I was a little worried about its ability to cake up. Although it is a fabulous foundation, I can see how it could easily become quite heavy and cakey - So in regards to this, the teeniest amount goes the longest way. I use one pump for my entire face. It blends really easily and

. The staying power is so good that I'm often a little suspicious about it. I normally wear this foundation if I have a day full of events from morning to night and I can get home to find my face still looking fresh.

+Cons: It contains SPF so be cautious of flash photography. Also because of the heavy consistency, it pulls quite a bit on the skin.


Rimmel Stay Matte

 || £4.95 (Shade Deep Mocha)

+Finish: Sheer coverage

+Best used with: Flat foundation brush

+Consistency: Medium

+Use: Day time

Third on the list is Rimmel's Stay Matte foundation. Although it says matte on the package, it isn't actually matte - quite the opposite really. But this is not a negative, rather it's quite nice to have a sheer glow finish without needing any powder. This was the first foundation I ever bought that actually 'worked' for me. I would've put this as number two if it wasn't for the weak staying power. It lasts about 6 hours before it starts to give in and fade away. BUT if you wear primer underneath, it should pull through for a little while longer. The selection of colours used to be very broad, but they discontinued darker shades some years ago (boooo). Now I just restock using Ebay. The best way to apply without looking cakey is with your fingers. Once applied it gives a flawless airbrushed finish. This foundation could be compared to Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat, but cheaper!

+Cons: Doesn't stay for very long. Tends to separate in bottle (this could be resolved with a little shake)


450 Revlon Colorstay

 || £9.99 (Shade Mocha)

+Finish: Demi-Matte/ Medium coverage

+Best used with: Flat foundation brush

+Consistency: Medium/thick

+Use: Day time/ Warmer months

This foundation would be way higher up, if I didn't choose the wrong shade. It oxidises a lot and so becomes darker than what is advertised on the bottle. As a result I use this in the summer when I get darker. But by then it's still a little too heavy for the heat. This foundation stays on practically all day, it does not budge or transfer unto clothing. The colour range is incredible and in my opinion, for the quality and amount you get in this little glass bottle, it's way underpriced. I'd happily throw an extra couple of pounds on it. Unfortunately this particular bottle has been discontinued in high street stores, so I buy mine from Ebay.

+Cons: Colour pay off is too dark due to oxidation.


MAC Face and Body

 || £21.00 (Shade N9)

+Finish: Luminous/ Light coverage

+Best used with: Stippling brush or your hands

+Consistency: Watery

+Use: Day time/

Right in the middle of it all, we have MAC's Face and Body foundation, in my opinion the most overrated foundation in the blogsphere. This foundation is just on the fence for me. I can really do without it, but then it's not


bad either. Because it's so incredibly watery, I find that using a flat top kabuki brush soaks up all the product, so a stippling brush (with a lot more effort, or your fingers) works much better. It's perfect for hot days when you don't want to wear make up but want a smoother and a more even skin tone. This certainly does that, however the consistency of it prevents it from staying on for prolonged periods of time. Also, I've heard so many times that this is buildable, but working more of this foundation on my skin only makes it look greasy. I wouldn't buy this again because I think that there are cheaper products that do the exact same thing.

+Cons: Too light and watery, not very buildable for my skin.


KIKO Skin Evolution Foundation SPF 10

|| £12.90 (Shade 116 Cocoa)

+Finish: Demi-Matte/ Medium coverage

+Best used with: Stippling brush

+Consistency: Light

+Use: Day time

I loved this foundation when I first bought it, but now I find that it's entirely too red for my skin. It dries a little blotchy in places, and doesn't leave skin smooth and even (which is what you'd expect from a foundation). I've used it only a handful of times and each time I find myself wiping it all off and starting again. It doesn't blend very easily because of its thickness. KIKO is actually one of my favourite make up brands, but this doesn't cut for me unfortunately. The rest of the collection is awesome though.

+Cons: Too dark, not easy to blend.


Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

|| £7.99 (Shade Cocoa)

+Finish: Sheer

+Best used with: (?)

+Consistency: Light

+Use: Day time

This foundation is the very first foundation I ever bought. At 15 and standing in the cue at Superdrug to get my very first foundation, Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid, I was elated! I got home and tried it on, my face was orange and I accepted that this was how foundation ought to make your skin look. Now 6 six years later, I decided to give it a go again, thinking that now I was much more 'experienced'. I was wrong. There are so many bad things to this foundation so I'll just list them in the cons below. On a positive note though, it does feel nice between my fingers.

+Cons: Colour payoff isn't accurate, lack of colour range, leaves a streaky finish


Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

 || £7.65 (Shade Cocoa)


+Finish: Matte

+Best used with: Fingers

+Consistency: Thick and airy, mousse

+Use: ???

Apart from the obvious fact that Maybelline only stock one foundation type for women of colour called 'Cocoa' (seriously, can we get some variations in names please?) I find this to be entirely too warm. This name is definitely not fitting, I didn't expect too much from this foundation, but I thought the quality would be a lot higher. Apparently you're supposed to achieve a 'pore less look', this is such a false claim. If anything it makes my skin look terrible and it clings on to imperfections. I've tried many ways of applying this; my fingers, foundation brush, a make up sponge but nothing really helps the application. It glides on and off the skin as I try to apply it, resulting in a horrible streaky finish.

+Cons: Looks cakey no matter how little is used, drying, looks orange on skin, exaggerates pores and wrinkles, drags across the skin, hard to get off, difficult to use


Sleek Skin Revive Liquid foundation

|| £7.99 (Deep Sable)

+Finish: Demi-Matte

+Best used with: ???

+Consistency: Medium

+Use: Flat brush

Okay okay fine. Granted I actually bought this foundation not knowing it was about 2 shades darker than me with clearly visible red undertone, I still think it's a shitty product. But I won't be making comments on the actual colour, but rather the texture etc. Please read the cons list below, as for me, there were no positives, or comment worthy notes about this foundation.

+Cons: Drying, looks orange on skin, exaggerates pores and wrinkles, drags across the skin, hard to get off.


ELF Flawless Finish Foundation

 || £7.50 (Shade Coco)

+Finish: Sheer

+Best used with: ???

+Consistency: Thin/Watery

+Use: Day time

This foundation makes me look green. Green. Like, a sickly lime green. I bought it because of all the hype surrounding it on beauty blogs and Youtube. But I hate this. I just... I can't. Since there are no pros to this foundation, I will list all the cons to this, so you can save yourself some scrilla.

+Cons: Very drying, looks green on skin, exaggerates pores and wrinkles, drags across the skin, hard to get off, leaves streaky finish, smells plasticy,


Thanks for reading, and I hope it was of value to you - Let me know what foundations you've tried and loved, or similarly tried and detested. Based on the first five foundations listed here, I think I'm good on foundations for a while now - Until I get bored that is! What thinketh ye, my ladybugs?

Peace out!