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Over the winter period I bought so many shoes and dresses for the day when the sun would finally bless us with its presence - I'm so happy that it has finally decided to do so. I got these shoes from Topshop almost 4 months ago and today was my first time wearing them!. The last couple of weeks have been blissfully sunny and warm(ish), but that hasn't come without some fearful anticipation for it to suddenly frown and bestow upon us some rain or hail (Yes England's weather is that unpredictable). This outfit is a representation of what we all must be thinking right now - It marks the turning point of where we start to decide if we can finally hang up our winter coats. 'Is it warm enough to go without a coat? Can I wear a dress? Can I wear a long sleeve dress? This dress isn't too 'summery' is it? Are suede courts okay to wear now? Are we okay now? Is the world okay now? What's going on in the world? When will the war end? Who killed Tupac? (

On a serious note)

 What the hell happened to

that missing plane?

So many questions, such little attention span.

P.s. This blogpost proves my inability to stay on topic when writing about my outfits (As I never really know what to say other than -


here are my shoes, and


here is this dress). How did we get from Topshop to

Malaysian Airlines Flight?