Basic RGB

1. £35. French Connection Snake Satchel
2. £45. ASOS Henderson Heeled Sandals
3. £15. AJ Morgan Cateye Sunglasses
4. £85. Pippa Lynn Neoprene Biker Jacket
5. £38. Love Kimono Sleeve Skater Dress
6. £40. Satin Cami Dress in Tropical Floral

Oh my days! Spring is fast approaching and I'm stoked - My ASOS saved list is always jam packed with stuff I don't really need but really want. Hence the above images. I never thought I'd be the one to embrace pastel colours, but lately, I've been eyeing up pieces that are soft and ultra feminine. For a split second, I thought about not posting these clothes in the fear of drawing too much attention to them loool! But we're family ;) I'm definitely going to be saving up to buy the lavender jacket, or wait for it to come down in price - I think it's really pretty. My spring staples this year are cami dresses, fine delicate jewellery and wrap dresses/skirts. What are some of your spring staples this year?