Welcome to my home, me casa. See, unlike other lifestyle/fashion bloggers, my house is nothing to call home about. In my living room, there are no colourful rugs, fancy lights, or Buddha sculptures, this is partially because we are three lazy and broke creative students. There are three of us, three girls, all creatives. Two photographers and me, a Graphic Designer. When we first moved it, it was our aim to make it a creative hub, student party central,


No, instead, we settled for Amanda F*cking Palmer and a few of Caz's wonderful photos.

My housemates tend to travel a lot so I hold the fort down. This of course means that I walk around naked. I cook naked and I clean naked. But I neverwalk around without slippers. Because that's weird. I made my landlord cry once. He threatened to call his lawyer on me, I told him he was a coward and I was going to call my lawyer too.

1.I was crazy scared.

2.I don't have a lawyer.

We get on pretty well. We've had the odd bitchery in the past, largely due to my short temper and OCD. But I live with great people. In this house we are like three old grannies. I'm the loud granny, the one that doesn't ever shut up and laughs beyond the heavens when on the phone. Caz is the caring granny, she asks if I've eaten or would like a cup of green tea with lemon and honey. She listens and is the mediator between myself and my other housemate. Speaking of which, the last housemate is the exact opposite of me. She's quiet, keeps to herself and prefers to make cups of tea only for herself and doesn't bother to ask anybody else if they'd like the kettle put on too.


Dress from Cheap Monday.

Welcome to my home. My student home, where none of us can really afford toilet roll apart from Sainsbury's own. We watch dishes pile up and anxiously hope that someone else will take the bin out this time, as you did it four weeks ago and surely it wasn't yet your turn. My student home, where the posh neighbours on our street frown upon our poor selves. I guess they're tired of listening to Drake at 9 in the morning (NOT ME BTW!).Soon I'll be a graduate, (that word tastes funny in my mouth). Pretty soon all this will be over and I'll have to move back home. Like, home home. It was good, amazing while it lasted... Going to University was the best thing I ever ever ever did. The debt is so worth it.