I went on a solo trip.

My trips to other countries tend to be solo anyway, but this was the first time going somewhere I had completely no prior knowledge in. I mean I went to Italy last year to visit family, but this time, it was all me.

I picked Artichokes. My hands and feet had swollen.

I suppose it had all worked out perfectly. I stayed in a town house in the beautiful village Faenza, Southeast Italy. The Italians have always had my heart, from as far as I can remember. I don't quite know how I developed the love for this country, I guess it's because I associate Italians with passion. It's a rash generalisation to make, but it's what drew me in. When was the last time I was this blissful? I must do this again. Every year. Every single year. I want to live here in Italy. I'd like that. Since I'm a wanderer, this place would be the perfect place to plant my feet next.

On Rosita. 65 years old. Silvery hair. 

I don't know how we got on so well when she couldn't speak English and my Italian was so incredibly bad. Rosita, and I spent 5 days with each other, we survived with self-taught sign languages and big grins to show approval, not to mention I said 'Si' so many times that I lost count of what I was saying yes to. Rosita owned the place I was staying at. Each morning she'd bake me fresh cakes for breakfast, complete with marmalade with apricots that she picked from the garden. 

She called me beautiful the first time she saw me, and I turned to mush. It's so unlike me to respond that way, but I found her so incredibly stunning. She runs a vineyard at the back of the house so she was always wanting me to taste her wines at different times of the day.

*Too much to drink at 9 in the morning, Rosita, maybe later*

. In the time I was away, I had more wine than water. My skin is snitching on me. Her son and his partner live at home with her.

They are in their mid forties. She said this is normal.

0700. Wake up from my slumber

0702. Pray and read bible

0730. *Is that the wine from last night* *tastes it* Eh good enough

0733. Brush teeth & shower, get dressed


0815. Eat delicious, but unknown breakfast

0820. Drink wine

0836. Put on shoes. *Why did bring these damn shoes*

0839. Wobble to the car