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There are many things that set my heart aflame, namely pretty and tasty things. Among those said things are velvet, leather and fur materials - all of which I will impulsively buy, totally disregarding the price tag (that is, if my card doesn't decline the machine first). I have always been a strong believer of shopping smart. Know what you like and what to do with it once you've purchased it. This fur shawl is my classic example of buying what you like and knowing what to do with it, as I wear it with so many things - like this dress. I also think that style and staple pieces don't have to be expensive, take this shawl as another example. It cost me about £7 on Ebay and I've owned it for about 2 years. I suppose it's easy to buy something very expensive and call it a staple piece to justify the purchase. I know. I've been there. I'm still there, actually. But of course as a person who owns over 50 pairs of shoes, I'm the last person to try and comment on mass-consumerism. So I tend to keep my "don't buy into advertising" rants to myself. Until I have sold at least half of my shoes I think.